Welcome to Lifemesh.ai!

Our goal is to improve the life and overall well-being of those we serve through tools that can shift the focus of care from being responsive to a life event, to being proactive, thus addressing issues before they arise.

We provide solutions that manage Personal Health, and solutions that manage Population Health. When combined, we provide a full 360 degree view of the individual seen by the provider, the patient, and social support network.

Our Philosophy for Health

  • Data is a critical component of health
  • IoT provides previously unavailable access to continous data
  • We Consolide IoT, medical, claims, and determinants of health data for a 360 degree view
  • From this consolidated view we can provide solutions for Personal Health and Population Health
  • We use innovative low heat techniques

Welcome to Lifemesh!

Our Story

The story of Lifemesh is rooted in an experience that many of us have or will experience in our lifetime. After moving thousands of miles away from aging parents, they developed critical health needs. And the difficult realities of coping with this across the vast geography began to materialize. It is a story perhaps not unlike many others. But one that had no easy and immediate solution. This personal experience served to spotlight a wide range of challenges faced by the aging and elderly. And further fueled a desire to participate in the wellness of others.

10,000 members of the US population turning 65 every day. There is a growing need for a framework that can assist in the management of health and wellness of the aging population.

Technology is advancing our awareness of our health and fitness, but all too often this technology is disconnected and suitable for a single purpose.

Community is very important to the wellbeing of the elderly, but all too often family, friends, and the broader community are disconnected from the individual.

Today, much of our health data is siloed. This information exists across one or many healthcare providers and insurance plans. Obtaining a picture of our overall health and wellness remains challenging.

The Fabric of Health + Wellness

Lifemesh provides the overall fabric for health and wellness by weaving together the threads of health records, technology, and community. Together, this creates a framework which enables the discovery of patterns that can predict health-related challenges. By doing so, caregivers and members of the social network can intervene sooner and minimize these challenges. Furthermore, through early intervention, a wide range of benefits occur, including fewer doctor or hospital visits, better quality of life both physically and mentally, and overall longevity.

Lifemesh combines the electronic health record (EHR) and real-time data from medical and fitness-related devices such as smartwatches. This creates a much broader view of the individual’s health. The combined data allows Lifemesh’s analytics platform, to test medical hypotheses. Unique models identify correlation and causation models which assist in predicting various medical conditions.

Lifemesh further connects individuals and their families together in a way that better allows them to motivate each other towards achieving their health goals.

Lifemesh Store

Lifemesh also offers an online health and wellness community and store. The Lifemesh Store provides unique products for the aging and elderly. Delivered in a community-based format, with a specific focus on the medical conditions most often afflicting the elderly. Items such as apparel for those suffering from arthritis, diabetes, incontinence, and mobility issues. Lifemesh Store also carries highly specialized creams and ointment that address the needs of those with highly sensitive skin due to diabetes or chemotherapy.  Additional products include physio-related braces, tapes, as well as assorted household needs such a bathroom grab bars and shower stools. A wide range of articles provide useful information and develop a broader community of individuals that are faced with similar circumstances.

We feel strongly about providing continuing support: We donate a minimum of 3% of the profits of every sale to the charity of our member’s choosing. Additionally, we do not discount products on our site; but do run promotions that increase the percent of a transaction that goes to charity. We call it Donate the Discount (#DonateTheDiscount).