For Patients, Families, and Medical Directive Owners

Today, we are faced with numerous challenges when considering how best to care for our loved ones, and this is a challenge that left unchecked will only become increasingly difficult. PatientMesh and FamilyMesh services Lifemesh offer a complete solution for understanding total patient health in historical, current, and future terms.

One of the most significant challenges relates to the extent of information that is collected about us each day, and making sense of this information in a securemanner.

PatientMesh solves this problem by providing one place in which to understand your total health picture. Data available from your smart wearable devices, blood pressure monitors, glucose monitors, and smart implants are retained in a secure, HIPAA compliant repository and are presented to you in an easy to understand format. Integration with your electronic health record provide a complete the picture of you, and include details from your doctor’s visits, procedures and your current or past conditions. When this information is combined together, we analyze this information and provide proactive recommendations and alerts. If you so choose, you may share this information with your family, medical practitioners, care givers such that they may provide you care that is personalized just for you.

FamilyMesh is an extension of PatientMesh, and provides an individualized view of your health to those who care for you. This is an optimal solution for those who live with you, nearby, or across the continent and assures that they have the information that they need in order to help with your care. FamilyMesh provides an easy to understand view of your health, changes to your condition, and includes an event alerting service that informs your loved ones in the event of a medical crisis.

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