What is Population Health?

Experience-Based Healthcare

Population Health solutions leverage the data amassed from the population of all of the individuals to form a “big data” analytics and AI platform whereby clinicians and researchers may  identify trends and outliers within an aggregate population for insights and opportunities for improved health, and for possible changes in overall care plans.

In addition to the IoT devices that supports our Personal Health solutions, another set of capabilities now available, due to cloud computing and other changes in technology, is the concept of “big data”. Big data represents the concept that the quantity of data now available is so tremendous that a vast majority of it goes entirely unused. It is for all intent and purposes unseen. Big data allows for the consumption of vast amounts of data in ways that were previously not possible. Through big data, and data lake repositories, these expansive amounts of data can be efficiently leveraged to provide rapid access and use of data in ways that were not possible only five years ago. 

Population health solutions are enabled due to these capabilities. By bringing together all of the data described above for personal health, for the overall population of individuals, this massive set of data can be used in the aggregate, to identify insights, propensities, predictions, and more. And based on this information, can suggest changes in individual care plans and new protocols to improve health and reduce overall healthcare costs. Unique models can be created to predict transition from prediabetes to diabetes, or to manage and control re-admittance to the hospital, or to assess and quantify proposed changes in the care plan for a very targeted set group of the overall population. 

The Population view of data provides an extremely rich resource from which to tap in order to improve health and wellness, and to reduce costs.

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